Product range

One of Nornickel’s objectives is to make sure its product range matches the current and anticipated global metals demand.

Nickel product diversification is a priority in developing the product mix as the Company is implementing a range of initiatives to enhance and expand its existing product range, with a particular focus on changes in the metals demand structure, including the rapid growth in the share of electric vehicles and batteries. In particular, Nornickel continues active interactions with the battery sector players to expand its product range to meet the new requirements for shape and quality emerging in the market.

Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta is recognised as one of world’s foremost producers of nickel used to make precursors (semi-products essential for manufacturing the cathode material that forms part of batteries). Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta’s nickel and cobalt sulphates are considered the industry benchmark and are widely used in battery manufacturing. Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta is uniquely flexible when it comes to manufacturing various shape products, which enables it to factor in consumer preferences in developing its product portfolio.

In particular, Nornickel is developing new product solutions for critical consumer segments. Over the past two years, the Company developed specialised products for the battery sector based on nickel sulphate solution at its Finnish refining plant. In addition, Nornickel cooperated with a partner to design a competitive process for dissolving nickel and cobalt cathodes as a technological solution for customers to ensure the availability of nickel feed for the production of electric vehicles.

Saleable products
Type of metals Saleable products Sales markets
Base metals copper cathodes,
copper saleable intermediate products,
copper cake
Russia, Europe, Asia, Americas
nickel cathodes,
nickel carbonyl (powder and pellets), nickel briquettes,
nickel saleable intermediate products,
nickel sulphate (crystals),
nickel sulphate solution,
nickel hydroxycarbonate
Presuaus metalls Platinum,
gold gravity concentrate,
Others Cobalt cathodes and sulphates
Tellurium ingots Europe
Commercial selenium (powder) Russia, Europe,
Commercial sulphur Russia, Asia
Sodium sulphate Russia
Sulphuric acid Russia
Iron ore concentrate Asia, Russia